6 thoughts on “Mega Shoe Warehouse Sale – June 1st – 3rd

  1. Bruce Reply

    Do you carry Chaco Sandals. If not where can In acquire them in the GTA. The selection at MEC is very limited. Likewise at Higher Ground. Can I place an order through you from the US web site

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      Hi Bruce,

      Unfortunately, we will not have any Chaco at the Warehouse Sales, their distribution in Canada is very limited, MEC being the main retailer. Amazon.ca and Atmosphere have a selection, but at the present time, you are not able to shop through the US website. Thank you for your questions.

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      Hi Anju, continue to follow this page, we will have the next sale in November, dates to come.

  2. Graham Reply

    Do you stock the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots? I’d like to try them before I order them. And is the store open to the general public?

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      Hi there, the store is open to the general public and we do carry a selection of 1000 Mile boots.

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