9 thoughts on “Mega Shoe Warehouse Sale – November 1st – 4th

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      Sorry, for the late reply Jon, the store is indeed closed during the sale and will resume regular hours on Monday.

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      In the store, the MSRP ranges between $360 – $425 but then you apply the corporate discount of 40% Off.

  1. Marisa Tenuta Reply

    We are a small family run renovation contracting/consulting business but we have many tradespeople that we hire on contract. We would love to share this type of benefit with them.
    Marisa Tenuta
    VP Operations
    DMT Inc.

    • wolverinecanada Post authorReply

      Hi Jonathan, the next warehouse sale is November 14-17th, thanks for your question!

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